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ACADEMY of TUNCMATIK UPS Advanced Level Training

Purpose: This program that is a continuation of and support for the introductory level training program intends to give more comprehensive information on the UPS system and applications. The participants who have completed this program will find an opportunity to learn the power conversion structures in the UPS device in detail. The parallel UPS systems, batteries, evaluation of the UPS brochures are some of the other subjects to be discussed. It is intended to enable the participants who have completed this program to read and understand the UPS product brochures easily.

Who can Participate: Persons, institutions, and organizations that have basic knowledge of UPS and/or received Tunçmatik UPS Academy Introductory Level training.

Time: 8 hours

Subjects: The subject headings and contents are as follows.

UPS Structure

  • Rectifier, inverter, static/mechanic bypass.
  • UPS breakdown types.

Batteries and battery selection

  • Structures and operation principle of batteries.
  • Battery types.
  • Battery connection types.
  • Factors affecting the battery life.
  • Battery selection by feeding time.

Parallel UPS systems

  • Why are the UPS’s connected parallel?
  • Features and operation principles of the parallel UPS’s running redundant or full capacity mode.
  • Other UPS configurations running redundant. Hot-standby operation.

Evaluation of the UPS brochures

  • Evaluation of the brochures of Tunçmatik brand UPS products and comparison with the UPS products of the other brands.