PowerSurge 5

It protects your computer and other valuable electrical / electronic devices against surge and lightning effects that occur in mains electricity.

Provides protection for sensitive electrical/electronic devices

Child Safe Socket

He does not allow small children to put their fingers in the socket.
Protects your most valuable assets.

Fire Resistant Plastic Body

Thanks to its fire-resistant plastic body, it does not catch fire and does not cause fire.

Overload Protection

With the automatic fuse on it, it cuts the circuit when excessive current is drawn and prevents the connected sensitive electronic devices from being damaged.

General Features
Protection Capacity 1050 Joules
Maximum Current 8000 Amperes
Maximum Peak Voltage 6kV
Rated Current 10 Amperes
Voltage Class 250 VAC, 50 Hz
Clamping Voltage 1200V
Protection Type 1 Line Full Energy Protection F-N
Response Time <1 Nanosecond
Security 5 Child Safe Sockets
On/Off Switch Yes
Special Adapter Input Socket Suitable for Connecting Large Adapters
Usage Right Angled Sockets for Practical Use
Insurance 10 Ampere Automatic Fuse
Cable Type Heavy Duty Cable and Plug
Cable Length 1.5m
Material Fire Resistant Plastic Body
Important Note
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