Lite II 850VA

Line-Interactive design

Line-Interactive UPSs feed the computers and electronic devices connected to them with electricity directly from the grid. When the voltage coming from the network drops or rises, it provides electricity at the appropriate voltage to the loads it is connected to through the transformer inside. When the power goes out, it feeds the loads connected to the UPS from its battery.

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Secure CPU control

Lite II is equipped with a high-speed CPU to perform all its functions accurately and on time. High speed CPU, safe operation of UPS; It manages overload, overvoltage and undervoltage protections. Thus, Lite II gains unmatched reliability.

Overload, low-high voltage and short circuit protection

Thanks to the many electronic protection features of Lite II, its lifespan is extended. For example; If you accidentally overload your Lite II, it automatically detects the load and protects itself by shutting down before any damage occurs. Likewise, it also provides protection against low and high voltage.

Automatic voltage regulation function (AVR)

Lite II also serves as a voltage regulator thanks to its transformer that operates in a wide voltage range. If the voltage coming from the network is too high or low, it provides the most appropriate voltage to the loads it is connected to by optimizing the voltage.

Ability to charge in closed position

To charge the batteries, simply plug the Lite II into an outlet.

Automatic restart when mains is restored

During a power outage, if the Lite II shuts down by draining its battery, it will automatically start up again and start charging its batteries when the power is restored.

Cold Start feature

Lite II has the ability to be operated directly from batteries even when there is no mains electricity.

Simulated sine output

Lite II produces simulated sine waves suitable for computers and electronic devices.

Fast charger that shortens charging time by 50%

While many UPSs can only charge their batteries in 8-10 hours, Lite II charges its batteries in approximately 4 hours, ensuring safe use in regions where power outages occur frequently.