HomeEnergy 8-24 kVA

Economic Solution

Thanks to HomeEnergy, you can determine the charging time of your batteries. Thanks to this feature, the device charges its batteries at night when low electricity tariffs are applied and saves on electricity bills by using the stored energy during daytime when more expensive electricity tariffs are applied. In addition, thanks to the solar panel input, it can charge its batteries free of charge during the daytime.

Lithium Battery Group

Thanks to this internal 48V 100Ah lithium battery group, which does not require maintenance for 10 years, our product is more durable than ordinary AGM and LVRA batteries. This battery group can be connected to 10 units in parallel. This way, you can shorten your feeding time as much as you want.

Up to 10 additional battery connections

With HomeEnergy Energy Storage Systems' easy-to-install and expandable battery modules, two battery modules can be added under a single inverter. Modular design with the possibility of expanding up to a maximum of 10 battery modules by parallelizing the parallelizable battery modules with paralleling cables for your extra battery needs.

48V 100Ah 5000W internal Lithium batteries with long life expectancy are used in HomeEnergy Energy Storage Systems. Thanks to these batteries, it is aimed to minimize your maintenance needs. In addition to internal lithium batteries, the Battery Management System (BMS) ensures balanced and safe charging and long life of lithium batteries. With the Battery Management System, Lithium batteries are charged in a controlled manner using a 3-step charging technique and in a way that maximizes life expectancy.

Up to 10 additional battery connections and inverter paralleling feature

Capacity 8000VA/8000W
Rated Voltage 230 VAC
Voltage Range 170-280 VAC ±7V (For computers) / 90-280 VAC ±7V (For home appliances)
Voltage Return Range 180-270 VAC ±7V (For computers) / 100-270 VAC ±7V (For home appliances)
Max. AC Voltage 300 VAC
Max. AC Input Current 60A
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz (Auto selection)
Frequency Range 40±1Hz - 65±1Hz
Frequency Return Range 42±1Hz - 63±1Hz
Feed Grid, Generator or Solar Panel
Nominal DC Input Voltage 48VDC
Starting Voltage from Battery 46 VDC
High DC Supply Voltage 54 VDC (TSS LIO-I-4810), 57.5 VDC (TSS LIO-II-4810)
DC Voltage Accuracy No-load±0.3V
THDv <5% for linear load, <10% for non-linear load (at rated voltage)
No-Load Power Consumption <75W
Voltage Regulation 230 VAC ±5%
Overvoltage 16000VA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Overload Protection (Inv. Mode) 10s at 110%~150% load, 5s at ≥150% load, 100ms at ≥205% load
Yield (Inv. Mode) 93%
Throughput (Network Mode) >95% (Rated R load, fully charged battery)
Transfer Time 10ms typical (for computers), 15ms typical (for Home appliances)
Current Capacity 2x nominal power for 5 seconds
Short Circuit Protection (Mains Mode) Switch
Short Circuit Protection (Battery Mode) With Electronic Circuit
Waveform Full sine wave
Charging Algorithm 3 Step
Charging Current (ups) 30A (@VI/P=230VAC)
Buoyancy Charge Voltage 542.5 VDC (TSS LIO-I-4810), 56.0 VDC (TSS LIO-II-4810)
Overload Protection 54.0 VDC (TSS LIO-I-4810), 57.5 VDC (TSS LIO-II-4810)
Parallel Operation (Maximum Number of Parallels) 3
Parallel Operation (Circulating Current at No Load) Max. 2A
Parallel Operation (Power Imbalance Ratio) <5% at 100% load
Parallel Operation (Transfer Time in Parallel Mode) Max. 50ms
Communication USB/RS232 Dry contact, Bluetooth, BMS connection (CAN, RS232 or RS485)
Max. Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage 500 VDC
Max. Solar Panel Power 8000W
Start-up Voltage 80 VDC ±5 VDC
Solar Panel MPPT Voltage Range 90~450VDC
Max. Charging Current 18A x2
Operating Temperature Range -10°C - 50°C
Storage Temperature -15°C - 60°C
Humidity 5%-95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
W x D x H (mm) 621 x 214 x 500
Weight (kg) 25
Security Certificate CE
Capacity 5000W
Rated Voltage 51.2 VDC
Full Charge Voltage 56VDC
Full Discharge Voltage 42VDC
Capacity 100Ah
Maximum Continuing Discharge Current 150A
Maximum Discharge Current 192A @1min
Charging Current 20A (0.2C)
Maximum Charging Current 50A (0.5C)
Parallel Operation Yes
Maximum Number of Parallels 10
Standard Charging Method 0.2C constant current charging to full charge, constant voltage until full charge current drops to <0.05C
Internal Resistance <20m ohms
Protection BMS, Switch
Communication RS485 port (RJ45), CAN
Operating Temperature (Charging) 0°C - 50°C
Operating Temperature (Discharge) 0°C - 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C - 25°C for <18 months, 25°C - 45°C for <3 months, 45°C - 60°C for <1 month, 20°C ±5°C is the recommended storage temperature
Humidity 5% - 95% Relative humidity (Non-condensing)
W x D x H (mm) 621 x 214 x 550
Weight (kg) 55
Protection Class IP20