Our Policies

Quality Policy

Our company’s Quality Policy has been determined and the necessary efforts have been made to ensure that all our employees carry out activities in line with this determined quality policy. In addition, our quality policy is posted in certain places so that it is always visible.

In our company, an organizational chart has been prepared that indicates the mutual relationships of all employees who manage, implement and verify the work that affects quality, and who they work under.

Our Quality Policy
Quality Goals
Customer Focus
Quality Management System Planning

While producing reliable, stable, expandable and easily updated fast, effective and economical solutions for the information technology applications that our customers need to organize and/or make their business processes more efficient in order to increase the added value they create; To be a highly competitive company in its sector that can ensure continuous development and progress, constantly increase customer satisfaction and potential, work with a team spirit that respects ethical values, and constantly improve the satisfaction and education level of its personnel.

In order to meet the product realization requirements in our company, as well as to keep up with customer expectations and needs, developing technologies, and to create a system based on the principle of continuous improvement, quality targets are determined at the relevant functions and levels of our company, and all our employees are ensured to be aware of these quality targets.

Our company’s senior management and all our employees plan and implement activities that may be necessary to determine customer expectations and fulfill these expectations, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. When determining customer expectations; Product conformity expectations, product delivery and delivery conditions expectations, and product liability expectations are taken into account.

Senior management in our company; It makes plans by taking into account the following issues in order to maintain the integrity of the established Quality Management system in accordance with the requirements of the TSE-ISO 9001 standard.

  1. Providing the knowledge and skills needed by our company
  2. Determining responsibilities and authorities for the implementation of process improvement plans and projects
  3. Providing financial and infrastructure resources that may be required for improvement and development

Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certificates. Tunçmatik works in accordance with these quality standards and has always adopted customer satisfaction as a principle.

Our OHS and EMS Policy

While tunçmatik, which has an important place in our country in terms of Uninterruptible Power Supply and other technology products, carries out its activities;

To comply with the legislation regarding the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and our products,

To prevent environmental pollution; To determine our impact on the environment, reduce it to the lowest possible level and provide all resources while carrying out these activities,

In our organization, we identify the hazards related to Occupational Health and Safety and take all precautions with a proactive approach before accidents and occupational diseases occur,

To increase the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees and subcontractors by constantly training them,

To continuously increase the effectiveness of our Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System,

basically adopted. In this regard, our Environment, Occupational Health and Safety objectives will be determined and constantly monitored.