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Why After Sales Support?

24/7 support; In order to provide the necessary support to our customers in need at any time, we offer the opportunity to directly contact our expert technical staff.

One number for technical support
We assist our customers who use our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our support line at 0850 201 6 877. We have been successfully continuing our services for years, aiming to provide the fastest and lasting solution to the problems identified, with our experienced teams who are experts in their fields and have proven themselves in the UPS industry.

Online support; It is very easy to get support from our service on technical and commercial issues, especially our products and work area, through our website


Why is Preventive Maintenance Necessary?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, which are technical equipment, need some maintenance and services when they reach certain usage hours, just like the cars you use in your daily life. Just as the oil of a car is changed every 30,000 km and certain parts are replaced every 100,000 km, UPSs also have control systems, fans, electrolytic capacities, batteries, etc. during certain working hours. Many sub-components must be maintained and controlled. If the necessary checks and maintenance are not carried out, the UPS you purchased to protect your critical equipment from risks may itself be a source of risk. UPSs contain some parts that wear out over time and need to be replaced, such as batteries, fans and some analog components. If the necessary maintenance, cleaning and checks are not carried out, the product will malfunction at the point you need it most and will cost you much more than the maintenance cost. If the UPS to which we entrust our sensitive systems is not under the control of experts, it may cause unexpected malfunctions and incalculable operating expenses. For example, you don’t want to even think that there is a problem in a bank branch or the intensive care unit of a hospital.


Problems That May Occur If Preventive Maintenance Is Not Performed

If UPS devices that feed extremely critical systems are not maintained,

  • Over time, the UPS works inefficiently and wears out faster.
  • As a result of not cleaning the device, dust accumulates on the electronic components, causing the electronic cards on the UPS to heat up and thus cause malfunctions.
  • Batteries in particular need to be checked regularly. If any of the battery groups connected in series is faulty, it will prevent the others from charging because they are connected in series. In such a case, all batteries will fail prematurely and the UPS will not be activated in case of a power outage.
  • Detecting the problems in the network and the load along with the maintenance and eliminating these problems will increase the life of the UPS and ensure its more efficient operation. (Unbalanced load, faulty generator voltage and frequency, irregularities in mains voltage, etc.)

Thanks to planned and much lower cost measures

  • By carrying out regular preventive maintenance and unpleasant surprises such as breakdowns and, of course, unexpected operating costs are minimized.
  • It is checked whether the UPS functions are working properly.
  • By monitoring environmental conditions and detecting possible risks in advance, system reliability is increased. (such as overload, high ambient temperature).
  • It is checked that the UPS is used in accordance with its technical specifications, and corrective measures are taken in advance. (User errors).
  • The industrial life of the device is extended by cleaning the UPS and replacing life-sustaining materials such as fans/capacitors when the time comes.
  • By periodically checking the batteries, which are an integral part of the UPS, possible battery problems are detected as early as possible and operational problems that may arise during power outages are prevented.

Uninterruptible Power Supply use, UPS failures and recommended action types

In order for your high-cost power supply system to operate smoothly for as long as possible, the environment in which your UPS devices are located must comply with certain conditions and periodic maintenance must be carried out at certain intervals. If these conditions are followed, the Uninterruptible Power Supply and its peripherals will be used for a longer period of time without malfunctioning. There should be no dust in the environment where the power supply is located, there should be no smoking, the temperature change should be low, and devices that create magnetic fields (such as mobile phones) should not be kept unnecessarily in the UPS environment.


The cooling fan inside the power supply case draws air to cool the hot air inside the UPS. Air, dust and smoke entering through the holes on the case fill into the case and accumulate over time. Since electronic cards are not closed units, they are affected by dust and moisture. Dust and moisture accumulate on battery groups and electronic cards, causing these units to malfunction over time.


Dust filled with air inside the Uninterruptible Power Supply sticks to the components and forms a kind of insulation material. The resulting insulating material may also cause overheating, shortening the life of semiconductor components and sometimes causing burns. Sometimes it may even cause short circuits depending on the content of the dust accumulated inside.


Spilling liquids such as food and beverages into the Uninterruptible Power Supply may cause the UPS to malfunction. Never use a hair dryer when this type of accident occurs. Hair dryer; While it will dry out the hardware, it will cause damage to the components as a result of overheating. In this case, the best thing to do is to separate the components of the power supply and dry them gently with a lint-free cloth and let them dry for a day or two.


If an Uninterruptible Power Supply that has been in the cold is brought to a warm place, it is necessary to wait for the moisture condensed on the components to evaporate (at least 1 hour). During this time, other parts of the Uninterruptible Power Supply will also come to room temperature.


Moisture corrodes the metal surfaces inside the Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is difficult to understand the signs of failure caused by rust. These symptoms appear over time. Since the cable connections are metal, it is necessary to check them from time to time.


Cleaning of the internal components of the Uninterruptible Power Supply is done with a soft brush (no cloth). Compressed air spray and blow pipe are used to clean hard-to-reach areas. The fan blade and cover on the power supply unit can be cleaned with a brush and compressed air.


Capacitors etc. Analog components may age and change in their values and functions over the years. In preventive maintenance services, critical components like this are tested.

Tuncmatik, which derives its strength from its employees with many years of industry experience and its widespread service network serving throughout Turkey, provides all kinds of services completely and without errors in the shortest time with its innovative, technology-oriented and education-based structure.


On-site and fast service with our constantly growing service network

Expanding its service network day by day, tuncmatik offers on-site and fast service with 58 technical service points throughout the country. In order to ensure that our users receive fast service and prevent time loss, our company primarily provides on-site support for product groups with low portability (6kVA and above). Optionally, on-site support can be provided to other product groups upon the requests of our customers. Depending on the size of the fault, some are resolved immediately and some are resolved by taking the product to our repair center.


Highly educated, strong and experienced staff, experienced service

tuncmatik authorized services work in a people-oriented manner. In order to adapt to rapidly developing science and technology, it has adopted continuous education as a principle and has managed to transfer the same development to its technical personnel.

In this way, our highly educated, strong and experienced staff keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with fast and accurate solutions.


Correct management of stock and storage costs, spare parts and logistics

Our service center optimizes stock needs and storage costs by using the most advanced systems and the fault analysis it obtains. Easily accessing spare parts that may be needed even after many years ensures the constant satisfaction of our customers. Providing our customers with original spare parts so that they can use their products with the highest performance is one of our greatest sources of pride.

Technology-focused approach to needs that change over time

tuncmatik has achieved many firsts since 1969 and aims to be technology-oriented in order to meet the changing needs of its customers over time. This vision has enabled it to grow and increase user-product collaboration day by day.

Fast and reliable solution ups tracking

In order to provide fast and reliable solutions to our customers who need uninterrupted energy, by taking advantage of modern technology opportunities, we monitor their UPSs either on the local network or on the internet. Regardless of the brand, monitoring can be done for all UPSs, both tuncmatik and those with suitable technology. Thanks to this technology, some errors that may occur can be detected and prevented in advance, or you can detect a problem in your UPS system much earlier, instead of noticing it during a power outage, and prevent your critical loads from being put at risk with the necessary service.

tuncmatik offers the opportunity to monitor all UPSs for both individual and multi-branch corporate customers, either from their own headquarters or by the Tuncmatik monitoring center. In this way, it is easy to be informed about the status of UPSs in different locations and the necessary interventions are carried out in a timely manner. While UPSs are monitored, many detailed data are also recorded. In this way, it means that in case of a possible malfunction, the most appropriate intervention is made immediately and quickly. It is also possible to obtain many reports.

Advantages of Maintenance Contract

As a result of a periodic maintenance agreement for your systems
  • You are ensured to use the UPS you have purchased at its highest performance.
  • Since the industrial life of your UPS will be extended, your cost of ownership will decrease.
  • Risks of sudden malfunctions and system collapses in unmaintained devices are minimized.
  • Your batteries will be measured regularly and any bad batteries will be diagnosed early, thus preventing other batteries from deteriorating due to the effect of the bad battery and you will solve the problem with lower costs.
  • Free service will be provided for all malfunctions throughout the contract.
  • As a customer who has a maintenance agreement, you will prevent greater service costs, as more serious malfunctions occur in devices that are not maintained.
  • In case of a malfunction, our technical service is directed to respond to the malfunction within the maximum hours specified in the contract. If you wish, you will be able to get technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on the contract type.
  • Depending on your choice, preventive and periodic maintenance will be carried out 2 or 3 times a year.