The Quality Policy of our firm has been established, and the necessary works have been done so that all our employees to act in accordance with this quality policy. Besides, our quality policy has been posted in certain locations at our workplace, thus ensuring it will always be considered. An organizational chart has been prepared, indicating the mutual relations of all the employees managing, applying, and verifying the jobs having effects on quality in our firm and to whom they report. OUR QUALITY POLICY It is to produce reliable, steady, extendable, fast, effective, economical, and easy-to-update solutions for the information technologies applications our customers need to arrange their business processes and/or make them more efficient with the purpose of increasing the value-added they create; and become a highly competitive firm in its own sector, which can ensure continuous development and progress, increase the customer satisfaction and potential continuously, work with team spirit respectful of ethical values, and develops the satisfaction and training level of its personnel continuously. QUALITY TARGETS The quality targets are set at the related functions and levels of our with the intentions of meeting the customer expectations and needs, keeping up with the developing technologies, and creating a system based on continuous improvement principle as well as meeting the production requirements, and it is ensured that all our employees are informed of these quality targets. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION The top management of our firm and all our employees plan and implement the activities that may be needed to identify and meet the customer expectations with the purpose of increasing the customer satisfaction. While identifying the customer expectations, the product compatibility expectations, the expectations related to product delivery and the terms of delivery, product responsibility expectations are taken into consideration. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PLANNING The top management of our firm makes planning for continuation of the integrity of the conditions of TSE- ISO 9001 standard of the Quality Management system established in our firm, considering the following points. Obtaining the knowledge and skills needed by our firm Determining the responsibilities and authorities for application of the process improvement plans and projects Obtaining the financial and infrastructural resources that may be needed for improvement and development   Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Tunçmatik is working in accordance with these quality standards, and it is always committed to customer satisfaction.